Startups And Ideas To Change The World

Global Financial Market Review highlighted Zebit’s CEO, Marc Schneider, who co-founded Zebit, a startup that will change the world. Here is an excerpt of an interview with Marc Schneider, Zebit Co-founder & CEO.

Zebit’s vision is to put financial control back into the hands of consumers by giving them interest-free credit that supports their daily lives. Our goal is to build service offerings that allow anyone the flexibility and confidence to use credit when and where they need it, no matter their credit history.

Zebit is the complete contrast to predatory lenders and high-cost financing options. Consumers who are typically penalized with fees or rejected for credit due to their credit history, now have access to an interest-free credit alternative that they can trust. Zebit is building a brand that consumers are proud to refer without hesitation.

– Marc Schneider

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