How Zebit Works

Zebit is a marketplace with thousands of top brands where you can buy now and pay over six months.
Our goal is to make buying and paying back as easy as it can be, so you get to enjoy the shopping experience worry-free.

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Step 1


·       Tell us a few pieces of information about you and if approved, create your password. We don’t pull your FICO® score in the process

·       You will receive a spending limit and a down payment percent. You can then access the Zebit marketplace of over 1500 top brands across 80+ categories

Step 2

Shop the Zebit marketplace

·       Never pay more than the price at checkout – no hidden fees, no “gotchas”

·       Zebit does not approve 100% of orders. Each order is evaluated and underwritten at checkout using a variety of factors to ensure responsible spending

·       If an order is approved, you will be asked to make a down payment at checkout that ranges from 20% to 35%

·       Use your spending limit to finance the remaining portion of the order total over six months based on your pay or income frequency

·       If you use auto-pay at checkout, Zebit will keep your card on file securely for your future payments

·       Electronically sign a Retail Installment Contract, which shows how installment payments are split over time

·       We may temporarily freeze your ability to use your spending limit to encourage responsible buying behavior and allow you time to establish a positive payment history with us

Step 3

Pay Over 6 Months

·       For your convenience, you can use the payment card on file to make the installment payments over the next 6 months

·       Your payment frequency will be determined by how often you get paid. For example, if you are paid every two weeks, you will have 12 installments over the next 6 months.

·       This is a representative example. Pricing shown is only for the product cost and does not include shipping, handling, or sales tax. Actual down payment may vary. 0% APR for 6 months.

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You could get a max of $1,500 in credit to shop top brands and your favorite products.

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