Zebit for Your Employees

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Zebit Helps Employers and Partners

Access Buy Now, Pay Over Time

Shop thousands of products on Zebit and pay over time

Reduce 401(k) Loans

Reduce employee 401(k) loan requests

Improve Retention Rates

Attract and retain employees and members with a unique benefit offering

Engage & Empower Employees

Inspire employee and member confidence in the probability of achieving financial and professional goals

How does Zebit help employees?

Give employees the ability to buy now and pay over time

  • Zebit Spending Limit

    Unexpected life events can throw a wrench in financial plans. With access to Zebit’s buy now and pay over time solution, employees have a responsible shopping alternative.

  • B2B – Market

    Zebit Market

    Thousands of products.

    Members can shop thousands of name-brand products across appliances, electronics, children’s toys, eCertificates to major retailers, and more, all with the ability to pay over time.

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