Financial Wellness for Your Employees

Zebit relieves the #1 cause of employee stress, saving employers up to $2,000 per employee annually. Our robust financial wellness benefit increases engagement, productivity, and retention in leading organizations. Zebit is free to employers, requires no personally identifiable information (PII), and can be set up in 24 hours.

Zebit Helps Employers

Increase Productivity and Engagement

Improve employee financial wellness, decrease absenteeism, and reduce stress-related healthcare costs

Reduce 401(k) Loans

Reduce employee 401(k) loan requests with access to our interest-free ZebitLine for large purchases

Improve Retention Rates

Attract and retain employees with a unique benefit offering

Implement at No-Cost

Zebit waives all program fees and never places employee purchase liabilities on employers

How does Zebit help employees?

With Zebit, employees are able to save 8-12% of their annual income typically spent on traditional financing fees and product markups. That’s like giving your employees a raise at no cost to your organization.

  • B2B – Wellness

    Wellness Library

    Plan for the future.

    Personalized financial education program to learn and plan for the future. There are free budgeting tools, counseling, and financial apps.

    Visit the Library

  • ZebitLine

    Save during life events.

    An interest-free credit line to make life event purchases from Zebit Market. Repay your ZebitLine over time with a debit or credit card.

    B2B – ZebitLine
  • B2B – Market

    Zebit Market

    Access retail prices.

    Zebit Market contains thousands of brand name products at retail prices. Make major life event purchases including appliances, electronics, children’s toys and more. Prices are shown in payment amounts to help employees manage their budget.

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