Our Company

Zebit was founded to provide better financial options for working Americans.

Financial stress is crippling today’s workforce, but Zebit is on a mission to put financial control back into the hands of working Americans.

Zebit is a free employee financial wellness benefit that provides better financial resources and access to no-cost credit options to relieve the number one cause of stress—financial stress. Zebit helps partnering employers increase productivity, engagement, and retention, and helps employees plan, manage, and respond to life events responsibly.

We believe in being 100% transparent across everything we do and in the products we offer to employers and their employees. From budgeting help to our worry-free ZebitLine credit model, Zebit is making financial freedom possible.

Michael Thiemann

Co-founder & CEO

Marc Schneider

Co-founder, President, & COO

Elicia Ritter

VP, Finance & Treasurer

Kristine Beach

Director, BI / Reporting

Michael Bieker

General Manager, Zebit Market

Erik Aaker

Director, Customer Service

Kyle McMillan


Why we exist

In 2011, Marc Schneider and I began a process of creating solutions to serve working Americans with radically better credit options. We had seen too many hard-working people struggle with financial stress because of complex, confusing products. Many became trapped in a cycle of high-cost debt after being denied access to fair deals just because of a low credit score or nonexistent credit history. Options in the market that appeared good on the surface hid onerous “Gotcha!” terms in the fine print. We researched the market, used our experience in data science, and committed to developing products that could level the credit playing field. By leveraging technology, we created a financial wellness platform that offers education, planning tools, and no-cost (no-Gotcha!) credit as a free sponsored benefit. Sponsors include employers, associations, unions, and affiliate organizations. Zebit was made possible through partnerships with sponsors and merchants who also want to improve the lives of working Americans. We ran a successful pilot in 2014 and spun out of the parent company (Global Analytics) in 2015 as Zebit, Inc.—an independent U.S. company based in San Diego, CA. The new Zebit invests heavily in R&D to perfect its no-cost financial wellness model. Zebit remains free for sponsors and free for members. Our motto is “Be Free” and we mean it.

-Michael Thiemann, Zebit CEO

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