Our Company

Zebit was founded to provide credit-challenged consumers the ability to buy what they need and pay over time

With Zebit, you have the power to buy what you need and pay for it over time.

Key pillars we stand by:

  • No Boundaries - Shop how, when, and where you want for your daily purchases
  • No Harm - Trust an ecommerce retailer that rewards positive repayment behavior with financial growth and stability
  • No Nonsense – We use simple and transparent language to earn the trust of our customers

At Zebit we are constantly striving to improve our offerings to become the most trusted ecommerce brand in your wallet, which anyone can be proud to use and endorse. We encourage you to try Zebit today.

Marc Schneider

Co-founder, President & CEO

Steve Lapin

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Erric VonDohlen
Eric VonDohlen

Chief Credit Officer

Kerissa Hollis

VP, Legal and Compliance

Melissa Cogan

VP, Human Resources

Dan Peda

VP, Accounting

Maureen Beckman

Director, Marketing

Yolanda Douglas

Head of Customer Service

JC Boissy

Director, Operations

Colby Ross

Sr. Director, Product Implementation

Marc Alexander

Sr. Director, BI and Reporting

Ryan Drogo

Sr. Director, Engineering

Manish Singh

Director, Engineering

Rachel Barry

Sr. Manager, Accounts Payable

Ziyad Mohammed

Sr. Manager, Information Security

Ryan Ting

Sr. Manager, Engineering

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