5 Black Friday Shopping Hacks

The count down to Black Friday is officially here!  One of the most stressful, overwhelming yet thrilling times of the year. Here at Zebit, we’re all about being in charge of your finances and practicing smart money habits. One of those habits, is taking advantage of sales and what sale is bigger than Black Friday?! So we want to share five tips before you venture out into the Black Friday chaos that just might save you time and money.


1. Research Before You Shop


Research seems like a no-brainer but it’s a key component to a successful Black Friday. It all starts with knowing what you want, from there you’ll be able to flip through the different Ads in order to find the best deal. One step that goes above and beyond scanning the ads, is going to your first planned stop a day before the deals go live. Most stores set things up a bit differently in order to handle the Black Friday rush, so this will give you a feel for how the store will be set up. If there’s a doorbuster item that catches your eye, you’ll most like be able to see not only the setup close to the door. But you’ll also be able to locate the backup inventory deeper into the store. So thanks to your surveillance you’ll be able to bypass the madness at the door and still get your desired doorbuster.


2. Check the Fine Print


While you’re making your plans, be sure to take a look at the fine print of each advertisement. As some stores only offer certain deals within a specific time frame. Furthermore, some stores may even offer a price match guarantee. Which will save you time and gas, so you don’t have to bare the madness of multiple different stores!


3. Don’t Forget the Internet


Often times we can get caught up in the madness of going in store to shop. But don’t forget about the online sales! Sometimes you can get the same exact deal from the comfort of your home without the added hassle. Some sites even offer early access to email/card members. So be sure to subscribe to your favorite stores mailing list and keep an eye on your inbox for early releases. This option can also be an extension of step 1, by researching items ahead of time online you can Save them for later or add them to a Wish List. Where you can monitor the cost, inventory and add the items to your cart quickly when the big day comes!  Making it a breeze to get the best deal.


4. Stick to the List


One of the biggest dangers of Black Friday is spending more than you plan on because of all the great deals. One key part in doing your research, is researching how much you can afford to spend and sticking to that. We all know the feeling you get, when you see 50% OFF on your favorite brand/items. But if you don’t need it, try your best to resist! Maybe partner with a friend, to help keep each other accountable while your out and about. There is a lot of temptations in every store, but by sticking to the list you’ll be able to save money and come home feeling proud rather than guilty.


5. Keep Your Time in Mind


All of the Black Friday sales are great deals, however, keep in mind how stressful and time-consuming Black Friday shopping can be. Perhaps take a look at how much you’d be saving and ask yourself is it worth your time? Many times, the deeply discounted items will be on sale again, maybe not at that deep of a discount but you also won’t have to wait in line for an hour to get it. Saving $40 is nice, but waking up at 4:30 am to wait in line an hour to get into the store and then waiting in line again to buy the item for another hour suddenly makes that $40 not so worth it depending on the item.


Whatever your Black Friday plan is we hope that this few tips may help! Let us know if you do anything that would save us time and money when we head out to shop this Friday! Lastly, be sure to stop by the Zebit Marketplace and pick up an e-certificate or two, for the stores you plan on tackling this black Friday and pay over time!!

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