Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas

We’ll be talking about a few ways you can decorate your home after you’ve finished that pesky spring cleaning.  Decorating can separate a good room from a great room, but it can also be costly. You don’t want to blow up your newly created budget this year on decoration spending, so here are a few tips to take your home to the next level without costing you too much.

  1. Rearrange

Perhaps the cheapest way to give your favorite room a new look is by moving the furniture around a bit. It’s one of the few ways of potentially improving the look of the room without spending a dime! The best part is you can do it whenever you have a spare afternoon, so if you’re not feeling your new change, you can always switch it back. Also try moving décor items around the house; that picture you have hanging in the hallway could look great in the living room! The decorative plant in your bedroom might look even better in the office. Even swapping lamps from room to room can be enough to make a space feel new.


  1. DIY

Doing things by yourself is a fantastic way to save some cash while decorating. Browse Pinterest for ideas on how to convert something old in your home, to something new! Try repainting some shelves, making your own terrarium gardens, or constructing your own headboard with scrap wood. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity! You will also have the added benefits of having a truly unique room, designed by you.


  1. Add Color

Sometimes even simple things like painting a wall or end table, or changing the color of your cabinets can add a flair that takes a room to its full potential. The best part is, paint is inexpensive and can be a fun activity that doesn’t take a lot of creativity! All you need is some time and supplies to transform your favorite room.


  1. Shop or Sell

If you’re not feeling creative, and you don’t have the time to repaint a room (or you’re like us and don’t trust yourself with painting those pesky corners), you can always leave the walls as-is and upgrade your furniture or décor. Even just one new statement piece can breathe new life into a room.  Whether it’s a brand new couch, coffee table, or mirror, you can find a number of different pieces right here on Zebit. Plus, you can pay for over time, interest-free, so you can enhance your living space while staying within your budget.

Getting the most out of your home can often mean a series of new additions, but keep in mind subtraction is sometimes just as beneficial. If your friends don’t want to trade for a specific item and you’re okay living without it, try putting it up for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You’ll find losing some furniture can make your living room seem a bit more spacious (and you’ll be increasing your decorative budget for other items)!


  1. Swap It

One way to redecorate your home is by swapping furniture or décor with your friends! Not only are you spicing up the look of your home, you’re helping your friend do the same with theirs. That rug you’ve gotten used to might look great in their living room, while the art piece will look fantastic in your master bedroom. Trading among friends is a great, budget-friendly way of redecorating your home. Think about some pieces that you could live without and see if anyone in your circle might be interested in trading!


Whatever you end up doing, we’d love to hear your ways of saving money while redecorating!

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