Zebit Transparency Pledge

To our Valued Customers: 

We have created this Transparency Pledge to give you insight into how Zebit works, our mission, and the key pillars that guide our customer interactions. We are committed to building solutions that all our customers can be proud to use, trust, and endorse.


Our mission is to make online shopping inclusive of everyone, regardless of financial history.

Traditional consumer credit has failed to meet all the needs of today’s consumers.  New approaches are needed to serve the credit limited, and for those who want to shop online for the brands they love but need flexibility to pay for them, we have created Zebit. We have no hidden fees or penalties.  The price you see at checkout is what you pay, and never a penny more.

Key Pillars We Stand By

No Boundaries – Shop how, when, and where you want for your daily purchases.

No Harm –   Our goal is to help create financial fairness.  We conduct business honestly and treat all stakeholders - customers, vendors, employees – ethically and the same.

No Nonsense – We use simple and transparent language to earn the trust of our customers.  We have no hidden agendas or surprises.

Best-in-Class Customer Service – We strive to give knowledgeable answers and timely solutions.  Above all, we treat customers with courtesy and respect.

What You Should Know About Shopping with Us

Pricing:  We make money on the products we sell, not through interest. Like most retailers, Zebit sources goods at wholesale prices and sells them at retail prices. Zebit’s products may differ from other retailers’ prices, with some products being more expensive, but the price you see at checkout will always be what you pay and never a penny more. eGift cards have a handling fee whether they are purchased or financed.

You’ll find SKUs for most items on our website.  We provide this so that you can compare our prices to other retailers.  We want you to be comfortable with your purchasing choice!  And, we are constantly striving to increase our buying power with manufacturers and distributors so that we can get our prices as low as possible.

Information verification: Customers go through an initial identity and income verification process where Zebit provides customers an initial Spending Limit to shop.  If we cannot validate your identity, then we cannot assess your employment/income to allocate you a Spending Limit to shop.

Credit process:  Zebit has a two-step process for providing credit to customers to purchase items. Customers who undergo the information verification process and are approved receive an initial Spending Limit.  A Spending Limit is an amount of conditional credit available for shopping. Final underwriting, however, is done at checkout in the shopping cart, and the credit sale is not approved until this underwriting is complete.  Underwriting is done automatically by our data science models that assess if the order can be approved at that time.  In 2020, over 97.5% of total orders on a monthly basis were approved for shipment.

No Interest:  We don’t charge any interest or any fees to pay over time for products purchased, except for eGift cards, which have an 18% handling charge.  This is charged whether the eGift card is purchased or financed and covers the costs to automate delivery of cards through email.

Checking Credit:  As part of our internal underwriting process, Zebit verifies customer information with certain specialty credit reporting agencies, but this does not affect FICO scores.  Since Zebit underwrites customers based upon its policies, not all customers will be approved.