Zebit Surpasses 1 Million Orders and 1.7 Million Items Shipped

Zebit Inc today announces that since launch it has just surpassed 1 million orders made on the Zebit eCommerce site and the shipment of approximately 1.7 million items.

Since embarking on its mission in 2016 to reinvent how credit is provided to approximately 120m financially underserved consumers in the U.S., the Zebit eCommerce platform has been embraced by these consumers. Today’s announcement of an important landmark for the business follows the release of the Company’s first set of Full Year results highlighting a business with strong momentum and exceeding Prospectus forecast.

 CEO Marc Schneider commented: It took the Company 2 years from its launch of the Zebit eCommerce site to reach 100k orders by Dec 2017.  We processed our 500,000th order less than 2 years later and it has taken just over another year to process the 1 millionth. The pace of growth in our business is strong and I am very proud of the team behind this business that has brought us to this point.  This growth shows that the Zebit journey is just at the beginning and I remain excited about our future prospects.

In the U.S., 74% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck and Zebit’s offering gives this untapped customer segment an option they never had before to purchase a huge range of products. Our growth rate is testament to the appeal of the Zebit’s offering to the large number of underserved consumers in the U.S.