Zebit’s Interest-Free Financing Is Now Linked To Employee Payroll Deduction

Zebit partners with employers offering its free financial wellness benefit with interest-free financing to help employees better manage their finances through easy payroll deduction.

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/Zebit, a company committed to offering no-cost, transparent credit to hardworking Americans, now offers employers the ability to deduct employee payments on Zebit Market purchases from their paychecks over time. Zebit’s financial wellness benefit gives employees free financial resources and an interest-free credit safety net to finance purchases from the Zebit Market. If an employee makes a purchase, they can pay over time without fees, interest, or a credit check. With the new payroll deduction enhancement, employees can reduce their credit card usage, better manage their cash flow, and improve their overall financial lives. Employees who cannot qualify for other forms of credit can use Zebit to obtain the product and services they need now while they pay for them over time, interest-free.

“Zebit is constantly looking for ways to better serve hardworking Americans using the Zebit benefit. Now, by taking payments directly from their paycheck, Zebit helps employees reduce credit card balances, eliminate predatory financing fees, and avoid the hassle of manually paying another bill,” said Michael Thiemann, CEO and co-founder at Zebit. “By relieving some of their financial stress, employees can increase their focus at work and at home.”

Zebit’s free financial resources and interest-free credit safety net help employees more affordably buy what they need now, while paying for it over time at no added cost. This responsible financing solution can be used to access millions of brand name products in the Zebit Market, including Apple, Staples, Samsung, Lowes, Frigidaire, and many more. It can also be used to finance services like auto repair and travel.

Employers can offer Zebit’s free financial wellness benefit to their employees with the new payroll deduction feature by visiting zebit.com/employers.

About Zebit

Zebit is committed to providing free financial resources and no-cost credit to hard-working Americans. Zebit counters deceptive financing alternatives and saves members thousands of dollars in fees by offering free financial education, interest-free financing, and access to a closed marketplace containing millions of competitively priced products. Members pay over time without interest, fees, penalties, or credit checks. Zebit’s no-cost financial wellness benefit is currently available to employees of leading U.S. companies, association members, active/retired U.S. military personnel, and educators. With improved financial literacy and access to a credit safety net, working Americans can finally plan, manage, and respond to life events more responsibly.  Learn more at www.zebit.com.

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