Zebit Launches Financial Wellness Benefit With No-cost Credit Offering On The TriNet Marketplace

Zebit fills an essential financial gap for over 325,000 Americans employed by TriNet clients

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Zebit, a company committed to offering no-cost, transparent credit to hardworking Americans, launched its offering on the TriNet Marketplace, a unique shopping platform for TriNet’s more than 13,000 clients and their over 325,000 employees.[1] Zebit’s free financial wellness benefit includes access to financial resources and an interest-free credit safety net to purchase brand name products from the Zebit Market. With Zebit, eligible employees of TriNet’s clients can pay for purchases over time without fees, interest, or a credit check.

“Zebit is striving to fill the financial wellness benefit gap experienced by employees of small and midsized businesses,” saidMichael Thiemann, CEO and co-founder at Zebit. “Unexpected and expensive life events happen whether you work for a large Fortune 500 company or for a small startup. Rather than forcing those employees to resort to high-cost financing alternatives when cash is tight, employees can now access Zebit through the TriNet Marketplace for a no-cost financial solution. In turn, employers benefit from a more productive and less stressed workforce.”

Zebit’s free financial resources and interest-free credit safety net helps employees more affordably buy what they need now, while paying for it over time at no added cost. This responsible financing solution can be used to make purchases in the Zebit Market featuring over 30,000 brand name products, including brands like Apple, Staples, Samsung, Lowes, Frigidaire, and many more.

Eligible employees of TriNet’s 13,000 small and midsized business clients can enroll directly with Zebit; there is no data or integration needed by employers. Eligible employees can enroll directly with Zebit by going to TriNet Marketplace or by visiting www.zebit.com.

About Zebit

Zebit is committed to providing free financial resources and no-cost credit to hard-working Americans. Zebit counters deceptive financing alternatives and saves members thousands of dollars in fees by offering free financial education, interest-free financing, and access to a closed marketplace containing thousands of competitively priced products. Members pay over time without interest, fees, penalties, or credit checks.  Zebit’s no-cost financial wellness benefit is currently available to employees of leading U.S. companies, association members, active/retired U.S. military personnel, and educators. With improved financial literacy and access to a credit safety net, working Americans can finally plan, manage, and respond to life events more responsibly.  Learn more at www.zebit.com.

[1] As of 6/30/2016