Inexpensive Summer Vacation Ideas

Spring is in the air, which means that summer is right around the corner. Summer vacations can be the highlight of the year, but they can also leave a sizeable dent in your wallet. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get the most for your dollar while enjoying some summer fun.



Perhaps an underrated way of saving money is by only staying local and investing in a staycation. Put the list of chores down. They can wait until your vacation is over. Often, we avoid the “touristy” places in our cities, thinking we’ll see them eventually. Well, now is the time to plan that trip to the local museum, check out the restaurant that’s been catching your eye, or have a picnic in the park that you pass every day on the way into work. You can genuinely make this staycation your own, and you get to come home every night to your own bed with minimal travel time (or expense).


Weekday Discounts

Sometimes a quick weekend getaway can be precisely what you need. You don’t have to worry about using vacation time at work, and it’s not as pricey as a full week of vacation. However, if you can afford to take some vacation midweek, you can often save quite a bit of cash. Typically, hotels, Airbnb’s and other lodging options are significantly cheaper during the week since there is less demand.


Shop the Deals

This one seems a little straight forward you’re probably already looking for deals! Check out different vacation package options that offer hotels, flights, and other amenities than if you purchased them separately. Check out a few sites like Expedia, Groupon, or Costco that all offer vacation packages that can save you hundreds of dollars on Disney tickets, car rentals, and hotel stays.  The packages change often, so keep an eye out early!


Stay with Family, Friends, or a Stranger

Another great way to save on lodging is by staying with your friends and family that live around your vacation destination. Whether it’s a road trip or a faraway destination, you could save hundreds of dollars on lodging costs by avoiding the touristy hotels and taking their local recommendations for places to eat and places to go. If you don’t know anyone who lives there, try Airbnb, VRBO & other vacation rental options which are often cheaper than a hotel stay, and create a unique vibe throughout your vacation. Also, with access to a kitchen, you can cook a few of your meals, rather than eat out every time, saving you even more.


Get Outdoors

Hiking, camping, road trips, and more are cheap alternatives to expensive vacations. The kids will love the freedom to run around outside and you will love disconnecting from the busy day-to-day activities. Can’t go far? Set up a tent for a night in your backyard for an easy, fun activity, or book a local campsite for a weekend to feel remote. Some national and country parks offer free entrance on certain holidays, so plan ahead an save even more!


No matter what choices you make, the important thing is to enjoy your vacation. Part of that, is keeping your costs within budget, so you aren’t stressing while you’re trying to relax. These are just a few of many ideas to the impact on your budget. We’d love to hear your techniques for keeping costs down in the comment section!


  1. Alex L says:

    No offense, but would you all stay at a Stranger’s house to be “budget friendly”? Being honest here, people would laugh at you. Otherwise, your service is definitely convenient enough to not have to resort to such risky choices 😉

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