4 Essential Holiday Travel Tips

You might not feel it yet, but the holidays are fast approaching and for a majority of Americans that means traveling to see family. Travel can be expensive no matter when you do it, but traveling during the holidays is not only more expensive it can be more stressful too. Now there are many different ways to save money when traveling and here at Zebit, we’re all about helping you be mindful of where your money goes so here are four quick tips to make Holiday travel easier on your wallet.


Be Willing to Be Flexible


It’s a known fact that traveling around the holidays is an expensive endeavor, but there are ways to get around this if you’re willing to be a little flexible with your holiday plans. Take Thanksgiving for example, always on a Thursday and it’s accepted knowledge that the day before Thanksgiving is one of the worst days to travel. However, if you’re willing to postpone your turkey celebration flying on Thanksgiving Day is often cheaper and you’ll be able to easily navigate the less crowded airport.


On other major holidays, it’s a little less easy to find the best days to fly. Thankfully there are search engines where you can select “flexible dates” and it will return a variety of options where you can choose the cheapest date that fits your schedule. Being able to sacrifice a little on your holiday planning can actually help your wallet out greatly, which in turn helps you stress less and enjoy your vacation more.


Think Opposite


In the same line of being flexible, if you have the option to go against the flow you can save a lot of money on a great trip. What we mean by that is to think about the ideal destination around Christmas and New Year’s it’s often somewhere warm and relaxing. Airline tickets, like most things, are priced by supply and demand so if everyone wants to go to Florida for a winter vacation chances are ticket prices are going to be higher than normal. If you’re looking to take a holiday trip that isn’t to go see family, consider taking the roads less traveled. You may find yourself in Europe for the new year or maybe you decided to just go further south in the winter to Guatemala or Belize.


Give Dead Weeks A Chance


Dead weeks in the travel industry are known as the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving and the New Year. Just like thinking opposite in destination, thinking opposite in timing your vacation can provide similar benefits. When everyone is recovering from his or her family filled trip back home, or just straight up recovering from celebrating the New Year, you can celebrate freely without having to worry about overpaying for travel and other accommodations.



Be Familiar with Your Airports

If you’re not able to be flexible with your dates of travel or where you’re going, at least be flexible with the airports. Be sure to price check the different airports in the area you’re traveling out of and where you’re traveling to, as these can change for a variety of reasons. Also, smaller airports tend to have fewer delays due to having less volume of planes coming and going which can take some stress out of your travels.


So as we move into the holiday season, start planning your travel now in order to get ahead of it so that you’re not left scrambling. Allow yourself to be flexible and always keep your budget in the back of your mind. It may be tempting to throw it on a credit card and forget it but it’s never fun to pay for a vacation after you get back from that vacation.


Let us know if you have any holiday travel tips that we may have overlooked!


  1. Paul Watts says:

    Christmas shopping with Zebit is here. Great deals, no interest! My travel tip for all is, hotels are generally dead the week of and the week after Christmas, as mentioned above. Generally, you can get some great deals. I have been in hotel management for 20 plus years and Suites that normally are $350.00 a night are $350.00 for 3 – 4 nights starting around the 22nd of December through the 30th. Call the hotel directly and ask for “in house reservations” and don’t be shy. Make sure you have an idea of the rates available by checking online first.

    One other tip that works two ways. I carry around bars of Godiva Chocolate around Christmas and a few of the Little Gold Boxes. Give your gate agent, flight attendant a couple of bars or the front desk agent a little box of chocolates and see your rate go down, upgrades appear, and the perks go up. Plus, I love getting a fun/warm feeling by surprising someone with a bar of Godiva with a little red ribbon tied around it.

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