5 Back-to-School Saving Tips

As we quickly approach the upcoming school year, we start noticing our budgets and wallet getting tighter. Between new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and the extra classroom supplies, it can become hard to stay within budget. To get ahead of the curve, here is a few helpful tips to get you through the back-to-school season.

Shop Zebit

If your children are heading into middle school, high school, or college the amount of papers and typing they must do really ramps up. Check out our wide range of laptops, tablets, and printers to see which one fits your family’s needs. Not only do we offer no interest and the ability to pay over time, but we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on thousands of electronics for a limited time only (July 2018). If you start shopping with Zebit now, you’ll already be ahead of our next tip.

Plan Ahead, Shop Ahead

Planning out your shopping list, during the summer, is a great way to keep an eye out for deals as they start popping up (Hint: Zebit’s free shipping deal). You’ll be able to knock a few things off your list early, which will reduce financial strain and prevent your bank account from taking one big hit (sound familiar?). To help aid with this step, start following your favorite stores on social media or sign up for their email lists to be alerted of sales/deals first!

Take Advantage of Tax Holidays

Now this step is state specific, but almost half of the 50 states have a Tax Holiday that can offer savings towards back-to-school items. Be sure to check this list and verify its accuracy before going shopping. This can help you save quite a bit on sales tax when shopping for all the items on your list.

Don’t Buy A New Wardrobe Just Yet

It’s true that a lot of department stores offer back-to-school savings, but according to Consumer Reports this isn’t actually the time of the year that offers the most savings. If you’re able to hold out until after the school year is under way, the real savings are found in late September/early October once the rush is over. Check out Zebit’s selection of clothing eCertificates to pay over time for your wardrobe and shoe purchases. We have Macy’s, Old Navy, JC Penney,  Kohl’s and more to choose from.

Be Careful of Trends

When taking your kids along with you on shopping trips, they often get star struck by the first thing they see. Whether it be a lunch box with their favorite character or a backpack by a trendy brand, it’s easy to get swept up in their desires and buy it on the stop. While you may be shopping ahead, you run the risk of the item no longer being in-style by the time school starts. Thus leading your children to ask you for a new one or spend the year reminding you about how much they don’t like it. Which then results in you having to buy a whole new item next year, even if the current one is still in good condition. So if you do plan ahead, be mindful of trendy items that may have a short shelf life .

Enter to Win

Also, remember to enter Zebit’s Back-to-School Contest on Facebook for a chance to win $200 to Macy’s or Staples for your school supply shopping. Hurry! Contests ends August 6, 2018. ENTER HERE.

We hope these tips assist you in your back-to-school shopping! If you follow tip one, be sure to post a picture on social media and tag us @getzebit ! If you have any additional tips, share them as a comment below!


  1. Alicia Higgins says:

    Zebit is a great option for you back to school needs! Zebit has a big variety and by shopping with them you won’t drain your bank account!

    • Jerry says:

      I think Zebit is going to be very beneficial to families who also have multiple chikdren. Im glad I read your comment and can’t wait to be a part of this. Congratulations on your savings

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