Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone on your List

We all have friends, family, and acquaintances who are near impossible to buy for. Whether it’s your boyfriend’s parents, your boss, the ninth white elephant party, or that person who simply already has everything, Zebit has a gift idea that works for anyone. Here are twelve great gift ideas for someone in your life who wants “I don’t know” for Christmas.

Everyone knows the easy out for gift giving is a gift card. They take all of guesswork out of the equation, meaning they’ll be sure to love whatever they end up picking out! The best part is you can use Zebit for your eCert purchase so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to go shopping for that neighbor two doors down that got you festive socks last year.

Gift exchanges are a lot of fun, but it can be hard to come up with good, safe gift ideas. One of our favorites is seasonal wear, specifically gloves and scarves.  When the weather outside is frightful, bundling up is the way to go and who can say no to some cozy mittens and a nice scarf?

Christmas Ornaments and decorations are another fun gift to give during the holidays. It doesn’t have to be too sentimental but you’ll always be thought of year after year when they hang that ornament on their tree. Now you don’t have to get three ornaments, but package an ornament, a festive candle & some tinsel and you’ve got yourself a gift.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to wine glasses and, let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too many wine glasses. From a standard, classy set to a set of novelty glasses you can find the perfect wine glasses for just about any gift-giving occasion.

While it is a legitimate option, 5 tiers may be a little more than Karen from accounting is expecting from you this year. Like eCertificates, gift baskets are a great general gift for just about anyone on your list AND you can get them through Zebit without getting off the couch!

We recently launched eTickets as a great way to spend time with those you love at the parks you love, all while paying over time.  What better gift to get the person who has everything than the experience of a lifetime at their favorite theme park?

2017 has proven to be a year where technology is moving away from different ports on computers or phones. Unfortunately for most us, we still have a need for those ports for the time being. Fortunately, for your office mates and close acquaintances, you can stuff their stockings with a USB hub, which will provide them with everything they need and more.

In our opinion, this might be the most underrated gift exchange idea on the list. The Magic 8 Ball is not only going to get some use, it’s also going to be a great talking point for years to come as it invokes a sense of nostalgia that can be traced back the ‘60s.

  • Nine(ty) Dollar Donation

For those people that truly want nothing for Christmas, a great gift idea is to make a financial contribution to an organization that they’re passionate about in their name.  The dollar amount is up to you, and the organization is up to their interests but in this season of giving it’s a great way to give to those who need it most.

For the boss that has everything, chocolate is something they don’t have enough of! An assorted box of chocolates is a great gift to show that you’re thinking of them during the holiday season (just be cautious of allergy risks).


This idea is actually for you. You’ll be putting your new eleven-piece set to the test while you prepare some home baked goods as your gift. Mrs. Johnson down the street is going to love your apple pie, or at least the thought behind the attempt.


Perhaps you already have a gift in mind, so how about you treat yourself and purchase it through Zebit and make 12+ payments over time. The best part is, is it’s 0% APR and no interest ever!

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