Back-To-School Savings Guide

The steady march of the summer through August means two things: the onset of crisp autumn air and the growing anxiety of students that summer break is nearly over.

Back-to-school shopping can also make parents uneasy if they don’t know where to find the right school supplies at the right price. Hustling from store to store to get what your kids need at the deals you can afford can be a huge hassle, especially if your young ones are in tow begging for the new backpack they just have to have.  

Luckily, Zebit has plenty of alternative shopping options for back-to-school essentials this season. We’ve brought together some of the more critical items to help guide your back-to-school shopping list and make the looming sound of school bells more bearable for both you and your junior scholar.



The top of our list is likely top of your mind when you think of back-to-school-shopping: the classic classroom essentials. You’ve probably already got these basics on your list, but Zebit has bulk supplies of pencils, pens, binders, and enough note-taking equipment to satisfy a dozen honor students.

However, if you’re looking for unique ideas on other items to help your own valedictorian-to-be  succeed this school year, we recommend browsing Zebit’s dedicated school supplies portal.



Another essential pit stop before the big yellow bus returns is a shopping trip to stock up on a fresh wardrobe for the changing seasons. This excursion can end up being a major cash drain if you plan on getting enough gear to weather the ensuing nine months of playground wear.

Luckily, Zebit’s affordable payment options allow you to save in the short term without sacrificing a critical wardrobe updates your kids likely need after the summer. Zebit offers electronic certificates and gift cards for Kohl’s, JCPenney’s, Old Navy, and other popular retailers.



Since 21st-century kids have grown up in a world of ever-changing technology, we can’t ignore the relatively high-tech needs of today’s student body. While they could probably go without the latest Chromebook, it might be necessary if to get them a laptop or desktop computer that can turn out terms papers and homework all year long.

Still, students of almost any age will probably get good use out of a decently sized external memory drive to keep computer projects backed up. Have a college goer looking to deck out their new dorm or apartment? Check out functional, space saving gear that looks good and performs well for those late-night study sessions. 



Thankfully, school isn’t just book work, which is why Zebit offers deals on supplies for art class, wood shop, sports teams,  piano keyboards, and, everyone’s favorite, P.E. While your student’s mileage may vary on some of these activities, there’s a good reason to foster these hobbies.


And Everything Else

Of course, this breakdown can only scratch the surface of what your student will need in the coming year. The best you can do is be prepared and have plenty of options in case your young running back decides he or she would prefer playing percussion in the marching band this fall. Regardless, Zebit will have you covered.

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