Our Members Tell Us About Their Amazing Mothers

“She single-handed raised me by herself. My mom worked extremely hard to make sure that I had all the essentials. She would always put me first. I could not ask for a better, amazing, caring, loving mother that I already have! She is my rock!” – Demetria M.

“Mom work two jobs or working and going to school to get her degree in accounting so she can better our family she was a single mom but she always took care of me and my brothers so she’s always been a blessing. Thank you!” – Jane S.

“I am a strong woman today because of her and I hope I pass the same strength to my daughter. Carnetta Gooseberry is my hero and always will be.”- Pamela W.

“My mom till this day still cook a feast every Sunday to make sure we all still come over with out families to feed us and make sure everyone keeps in contact with one another. My mom calls all her kids daily even when she’s not well she put her kids first love my mom dearly. “ – Priscilla

“Due to my mom’s love and strong upbringing, she raised three strong independent women, who have become great mothers in our daughters’ lives, which is tougher than normal since we are Native Americans. Raising our children in a modern society while making sure they learn & practice their unique culture, is difficult at times. However, it makes our girls proud and aware of who they truly are.” – Brenda J.

“She made sure we had food even though it was not much sometimes. She always made sure we had clean clothes. She was tough on us sometimes but we all grew up knowing she was always there for us when ever we needed her. I wouldn’t trade her for anything.” – Michael K.

“My mom is THE MOST AMAZING person I’ve ever met. Not only has she been married to my awesome dad for over 53 years and raised 2 daughters, while working 2 jobs, but NOW at 72, takes care of several elderly ladies in her spare time. Love HER!- Teri B.

“My mom, Christy is my biggest supporter, words cannot describe her kindness and willing to give the most to our family, even though she has always worked full time. She will help others to be successful and support all aspects of our family’s life to help us all be our best. My mom grew up without a mom, so she has learned a lot of this on her own, she is a great person and a great Mom too. #1mom”- Chris E.

“She’s always sacrificed for what we needed. Even when she’s not feeling her best she still does for me. I appreciate all that she’s done for me and my family. I can remember when we were little how much fun we had. She always made where ever we were going fun. I will always remember the good times.” – Lisa M.

“My mom is a role model in every sense of the word. Her best quality is that she is there 100 percent for her family. She celebrates birthdays, holidays, and every day in between with her children and grandchildren. Not only does she always support us, my also mom helps children around the world. She makes dresses for girls in third world countries. She has made and donated many hundreds dresses” – Heather H.

“My mom is so amazing because no matter what life throws at me she has always been there to help me out. If I lost my job she was always there with a place to stay for me and my two kids. She’s always the one I can count on when there’s no one else.”- Jasmine O.

“My mother raised 3 children on her own. She never remarried. She entered a nursing home a few years ago. Nothing has ever been as difficult. She is the smartest person I have ever known. Her mind is sharp and active but her body gave up a long time ago. I owe her everything, everyday.” – Keith D.

“My mom is so amazing because she helped me raise both my boys to become respectful young men. Also she was diagnosed with cancer last year in February and was in remission right before christmas. This year the cancer returned and she plans on kicking its but again. She just celebrated her 70th birthday on April 8th. She still goes out and shops. Cooks full family meals. My mom is awesome. Love you”

“She’s amazing because she is so selfless. She gives and helps anyone who is in need and never asks for anything in return. She’s simply the best mother, wife, sister, aunt, and friend anyone can ask for!”- Condriah W.

“She is ever giving. We grew up poor but we never were without our necessities. She worked all of my life and get my work ethic from her. She stands her ground on her moral beliefs. Her house has been a refuge for several homeless family members, including myself. The bad thing is she never takes time or spends money for herself. She deserves more than the cards life has dealt her! I love you, Mom!”
– Misty J.

“My Mother was the example for 10 children that all had different personalities. She kept us loving one another and being respectful to our parents.”- LaVern P.

“My mother is amazing because she exemplifies what it means to be a strong, independent, and strong willed woman. I have four younger siblings and she has taught all of us how to be kind, hard working, and above all respectful.” – Britini S.


Have a Happy Mother’s Day! 

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