Get the Best Post-Holiday Deals

Despite the commercial hype and increased consumer traffic associated with Black Friday sales, the best time to score deals usually comes in the weeks following Christmas.

Below are some tips to save the most dough after the most wonderful time of the year.

What To Look For

As the holiday season approaches, retailers prepare for a rush on certain high-demand items by overstocking. Most stores are also keen on moving certain items that are likely to get cycled out with the season or replaced by newer models in the next year. These items are usually the ones most commonly advertised prior to Christmas.

And that is exactly why it is best to wait on those deals. Make note of what items are getting the most print in the circulars, and then simply wait. The more desperate the store is to move unwanted stock, the deeper the discount on your end.


Electronics are the prime example of items that are cycled out relatively quickly after the new year. One reason for this is that new tech is unveiled every January at The Consumer Electronics Show, and those items are usually primed for release in the following months. Because of this, the intervening weeks between the end of Christmas and CES can be your best opportunity to snag deals on a new television, laptop, home theater, or camera that may have a newer model coming out in a few weeks.


While deals on certain clothing and apparel vary throughout the year, late December and early January is the time to buy higher end items. Coats and outerwear are generally put on sale, as stores look to make space for incoming spring fashions. Discounts on suits and formal wear are also common around this time of year as the spring/summer fashion season gets underway.

Gift Cards

While you may already be loaded with an overabundance from befuddled relatives, gift cards can usually be used at a premium after the holidays. While some stores may run discounts, you can usually have your pick of the litter through online gift card exchanges. Keep an eye out for the terms of the website, as some may come with  limitations.

Christmas Decorations

Something of a no-brainer, but if you’re looking for a new tree-topper or a festive set of house lights that don’t necessarily need to be seasonal, now is the time.

Where To Look

If you are searching for a wider variety of post-Christmas sales options, there are websites and online resources that go live with specific deals after the holidays.

There are several deal sites that feature pages specific to after-Christmas sales listed by store, category, and discount such as Dealio,, and The Bargainist.

There is of course Amazon, which runs a yearly after Christmas sale that generally features many of the items listed above in addition to the year’s hot toys and video games.

Online marketplaces like Ebay can offer some of the deepest discounts toward the end of the year as retailers compete to unload stock. You can also find individual sellers who might be looking to get rid of some old items or unwanted gifts.

Finally, if taking advantage of the deals seems out of your budget due to post-holiday bills, shop Zebit Market where you can buy what you want, including eCertificates from the retailers with the best deals, and pay over time for your purchases. 

Your greatest advantage in finding the best deals is knowing what to look for, so pay attention to what is up for sale before Christmas. Chances are those items can be bought for even less as you ring in the new year.

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