How to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is here, which means you’re probably going to be very tempted to spend more money than usual. The constant commercials, sales, and new products won’t help either.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can save a few dollars this holiday season. Because nothing dampens the holiday spirit like those post-New Year’s bills.  

1. The internet is your friend

Every store, mall, website, restaurant, and roadside stand will be having holiday sales. This makes for a great opportunity to shop online. Some stores may include price matching as well.

Check out comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping, TheFind, or These tools will scrape data from retailers and compare them side by side, making the process even easier.

2.  And so are apps

Don’t limit yourself by just going to websites for deals. There are also some really good apps for the more technologically savvy bargain hunter. Shopstyle, for example, is great for finding deals on clothing. You may have heard of Etsy, the homegoods marketplace. They also have an app that allows you to buy and track your orders.

Ever been out at the store and wanted to know what else is in your area without wasting time? Keep Shopping gives you a list of what items you can buy at stores near you.

3. Timing, timing, timing

Timing, especially around the holiday season, is everything. And we’re not just talking about actually planning out your shopping so you aren’t scrambling at the last second (though you may want to consider that too, since the best deals can often be found outside of Black Friday).

We’re also talking about timing as it relates to sales. Stores will often input upcoming sales into their systems in the evening, so by shopping during the evening hours you may be able to get in on that sale early.

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

There’s a lot of pressure to spend money during the holidays. Many people will budget for things like gifts, but forget to consider eating out, going out, parties, and other associated costs. When you budget, make sure you include the entire holiday experience in your planning.

And when it comes to gift giving, don’t feel like you have to get the latest gadget. Now’s your chance to show you remembered what they mentioned a few months ago. Get creative with your gifts, give babysitting or help around the house. Or get something that is flexible, like a gift card or eCertificate.

5. Beware of credit card debt

This partly plays into point three. Credit cards, for all their convenience, are often the vehicles with which people go over budget. A great way to avoid this is by using cash or interest-free financing. Create your budget and stick to it.

When putting purchases on a credit card, use ones that offer cash back on all purchases, have low (or no) APRs, or offer rewards for spending.

6. Shop Zebit Market or your favorite retailers and pay over time

Obviously, Zebit Market is a great place to shop. It has thousands of products and millions more when you buy an eCertificate from your favorite retailer. You can buy whatever you want and pay over time. That way, you don’t spend a lot upfront AND you can pay for it over time without any hidden fees. eCertificates are ideal gifts and the best way to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday discounts.

Good Luck Shopping!

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