Zebit’s 5 Favorite Personal Finance Apps

Staying organized in life is very important. Staying financially organized, however, is vital.  Keeping track of where, when, and how you spend your money is easier said than done, so here are five of the most popular apps to help you successfully organize your personal finance.

1. Mint

Mint is one of the most used personal finance apps in the world for good reason. Available on both iPhone and Android, Mint first allows you to create a budget and finance plan. The app then tracks your spending and progress in staying within the limits you have set yourself. Mint is a real-time product, so it lets its users watch all of their finances live as they adjust. Even students can track their progress in paying back loans and busy parents can follow the movements of their credit cards. Above all, however, the app is easy on the eye and simplistic to use.

2. Chime

Chime is another helpful app for those looking to better their financial health. Chime Bank has no hidden fees, which can save you an average $329! Their mobile banking feature makes it very easy to track your spending, and they also have an automatic savings feature to assist you with your savings goals! The Chime mobile banking app is available on both Android and iOS

3.  Digit

Digit is similar to Level Money in that it studies each user’s income and spending patterns.  It’s available online https://digit.co, and is to free to sign up for. After Digit personalizes its data and strategies for each user, the app creates a plan to set aside a certain amount of money that it believes is unnecessary for each user to use. Digit then takes that money and puts it into a savings account that each user can pull from whenever they want without any interest fees.

4.   Goodbudget

Goodbudget, available for download on iPhone and Android, is one of the most detailed personal finance apps. The app creates a very specific financial plan for each of its users based on income and spending patterns. Goodbudget can tell each user how much money to spend at the grocery store or the mall in order to keep pace with a personalized and unique financial plan.  The app is not as advanced as others. That said, a variety of different users can take advantage of Goodbudget’s creative financial plans.

5.  Wally

Wally is yet another app that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android. The app is uniquely visual in that it lays out a picture of each user’s spending plans. Each user can see where they should spend a certain amount of money, and that helpfulness can certainly aid people that need a little more financial organization in their lives. The biggest appeal for Wally is its feasibility.  Users simply can scan purchase receipts to add and subtract money from financial goal and plans.  Between great visuals and simplicity, Wally is a great app to use for personal finance.


There are many more financial apps out there. Share your favorites with us!


    • Maureen Beckman says:

      Zebit is not directly integrated, but if you make a purchase from Zebit, the credit or debit card you use to make your payments will show up in your Mint.com transaction and budget reports.

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