How to maximize summer savings

Summer is just around the corner, and that means your wallet’s about to get a little bit lighter. Between vacations, new clothes, and an overreliance on air conditioning (admit it, you love blasting that A/C), it’s stunningly easy to spend away during the summer months.

But don’t get sucked into that spending vortex. Here are some ways you can save over the summer.

Get your sale on. Companies know that you’ll be a little more willing to open your wallets during summer, and will entice you with summer sales. If you’re going to shop, then why not take advantage of this golden opportunity? This could be anything from discounted cooler weather clothes, to an appliance you’ve been meaning to replace (remember, more efficient appliances can save you on utility costs).

Memorial Day and July 4th are also two of the biggest sale days of the year. It’s definitely a good idea to check around your area and see what kind of bargains you can find.

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Open your windows. Sometimes nothing beats blasting cool air into your house on a ridiculously hot day. But making a habit of that will cause your utilities bill to skyrocket. Use your windows with a fan instead (especially at night). They were put there for a reason! An easy way to force yourself to not rely on air conditioning is to set limits on yourself, such as programming your thermostat at a minimum temperature, or tracking how long your normally use it, and then cutting it in half.

Throw a garage sale. When was the last time you cleaned out all the junk in your home? Honestly, we all accumulate stuff, and summer is a great time to get rid of it. Additionally,a garage sale will give you an excuse to take inventory of what you have vs. what you actually use. A big, well-advertise garage sale can net you some serious profits. Enough to maybe even buy one of those new appliances we talked about.

Plan ahead. Obviously you’ll want to travel this summer–and you should.But do it wisely. We’ve all got the urge to go on a spontaneous getaway, but waiting until the last minute on flights, hotels, events, and attractions is an unfortunate way to pay full price. Start thinking about these things weeks, or even months, ahead of time. Book your plans, take those savings, and eliminate the stress that comes with planning a trip.

Plant ahead. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a garden, summer is the perfect time to find out. Gardening is a great way to get out of the house, eat healthy, and save money on groceries. And if you don’t have the time or space to garden, check out your local farmer’s markets–arguably the best place to buy food on the cheap.

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